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The Problem With Detailing

In-house detailing carries high employment costs, water expenses, and slows down productivity altogether making it extremely inefficient and stressful. Water tunnels and messy wash stations are not only an eyesore but take up huge amounts of precious space. Remember you don’t have to accept outdated technology, slow communication and unorganized vendors. There is a solution.

WashMyWhip in Action

WashMyWhip uses a complete waterless detailing solution that cleans, waxes, and protects the surface of your vehicle. Our solution consists of lubricants that lift the dirt, clay that breaks it down, and wax that, when buffed off, leaves a shiny, protective finish. Our solution serves as a natural sealant that protects your car's paint from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Employment Costs

Employee turnover, recruiting, and personnel insurance is expensive. We provide a team of reliable, professionally trained WashPros that treat your business like our own.

Productivity & Performance

Our custom technology and expertise are seamlessly integrated into your business allowing for swift flow of communication and the means to manage the full detailing process.

Say Goodbye To Water

Our waterless process means we arenʼt limited to any specific work station, no drainage costs, and a steep drop in your water bill.

Partnering with us gives you the chance to contribute to a healthy environment and sustainable future.


New Vehicle Detail

New vehicles will undergo plastic removal, mat installation, glue removal, and more to ensure showroom readiness.

Used Vehicle Detail

We recondition used vehicles to bring them up to standard and ensure showroom readiness.

Showroom Maintenance

We keep the vehicles on display in pristine condition to reflect your quality operation.


White tablet balanced on it's lower left corner displays analytics screen of WashMyWhip fleet manager.
White tablet balanced on it's lower left corner displays analytics screen of WashMyWhip fleet manager.

All your data in one place…

Not only do we provide all of our clients with detailing services, they also receive complimentary, proprietary software and tablets allowing them to effectively manage their fleets from anywhere. Our convenient, easy-to-use FleetManager software gives our clients access to their performance reports, detailing history and status of current vehicles. Our clients schedule washes, compare service periods, and communicate with WashPros with the touch of a button.

As an eco-friendly company, we use premium, 100% biodegradable products. The earth, our clients, and their vehicles will thank you.

The WashMyWhip Promise

We promise to eliminate inefficient, water-based detailing practices and replace them with eco-conscious, sustainable services. With the help of our ever-improving technology and systems, we promise to increase the efficiency of any clients’ detailing operation. We are also fully devoted to providing our clients with premium-quality services at less than premium prices.

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